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Dr. Daniel Klauer comes from a family of dentists and physicians, so a passion for helping people was instilled in him at a young age. He started his professional career in dentistry. But when he saw many of his patients were suffering from craniofacial pain and sleep breathing disorders, he decided to focus on helping them find relief.

He switched his practice to focus solely on helping patients with craniofacial pain and sleep breathing disorders so they can take back their health and achieve lasting healing. But from his practice, he can’t reach all those who are suffering across the country.

As he began connecting with other like-minded providers from across the country, he found that though they had clinical education and passion to treat, they lacked the business structure to lead to their success.

Not willing to let anyone fail, he began working with other physicians learn how to help these patients.

With eight years in dentistry, additional post-graduate training, and over 1,800 hours of continuing education in craniofacial pain, TMD, and sleep medicine, Dr. Klauer wants to educate others how to best serve their patients and communities.

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Hi Daniel - I wanted to take a moment to let you and your team know what an awesome service you provide to my team and me in our quest to provide organized and efficient Sleep/TMD services to our patients. We have been Treating Patients with SDB for 7+ years and through that time we devised our own systems and protocols, with limited success. Having observed, understood and implemented your protocols, we now have a more streamlined and systemic approach with specifics metrics to monitor our clinical, marketing and business success. Your systems have therefore allowed my entire team to be on the same page and allowed for greater delegation of duties to multiple team members, freeing up some of my time and giving my team greater responsibility for patient outcomes and great job satisfaction - great team members want more responsibility with predictable success. I also appreciate and respect that your systems are continually evolving as new scientific information create a vacuum in your existing protocols.

I look forward to continuing to grow our Sleep/TMD business and I thank you and your team for your guidance and leadership in this field."

-David R. Pearce, DDS, PC