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Daniel Klauer, DDS

Leveraging eight years of dental experience, additional post-graduate training, and over 1,800 hours of continuing education in Craniofacial Pain, TMD, and Sleep Medicine, Dr. Klauer is dedicated to helping sufferers achieve victory over pain, sleepless nights, and all the consequences associated with TMD and sleep apnea.

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“It’s possible to conquer the pain and sleeping challenges caused by your TMJ/TMD and Sleep Apnea.”

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There’s no need to live with the constant discomfort and exhaustion that can come from TMJ/TMD and Sleep Apnea – start your road to victory by taking Dr. Klauer’s online assessment to find out what your next steps for recovery should be.

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Solutions for TMD and Sleep Apnea

In his recently published book, Dr. Klauer helps readers understand:

  • Need-to-know aspects of their crippling conditions
  • Need-to-know aspects of their crippling conditions
  • Symptoms that accompany these conditions and why they are happening
  • Individual case studies that spotlight how these conditions have been conquered
  • Detailed guidance on how to be victorious over your specific condition
  • How a holistic approach to care is critical to achieving optimal health and comfort
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Activities To Avoid With TMD

July 20, 2020

When living with TMD, you might be aware of certain triggers that cause pain. These could be certain physical activities, foods or lifestyle habits. Sometimes, however, you might not feel like you have any control over when you experience pain. We want our TMD patients to live a full life and to do so, there are certain things you might want to avoid that put more strain on your TMJ then necessary.

How Exercise Helps Treat Sleep Apnea

March 16, 2020

Exercise provides many health benefits. Regular activity such as aerobic exercise, strength training, and participating in sports contributes to a healthier body, helping to prevent a wide range of physical issues related to a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise also has a positive effect on your subjective well-being and mental health, by increasing your energy and serotonin. But did you know that a workout routine can also improve your sleep quality?

The Sleep Apnea & Heart Disease Connection

February 10, 2020

For now, you might be putting up with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) symptoms like loud snoring, morning headaches […]