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Achieve Your Victory

Solutions for TMD and Sleep Apnea

The decision for Daniel Klauer, DDS to focus on patients with craniofacial pain, TMD, and sleep disorders was largely due to the overwhelming need within his community and throughout the country. It’s a need that affects over 10 million individuals in the US.  

With a passion for educating patients and giving them the tools to live healthier lives independent of medications and “band-aid” fixes, Dr. Klauer recently authored, Achieve Your Victory: Solutions for TMD and Sleep Apnea to reach a wider audience.

His goal for readers is the same as it is for his patients: improve the lives of those suffering from TMD/TMJ and sleep apnea-symptoms. Dr. Klauer outlines everything you need to know about what you’re experiencing, why you’re experiencing it, and how to overcome it.  

Achieve Your Victory is the culmination of eight years in dentistry, additional post-graduate training, over 1,800 hours of continuing education in Craniofacial Pain, TMD, and Sleep Medicine, and a passion for helping patients take back their health. Dr. Klauer shares his professional expertise to create a roadmap back to comfort.

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