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You have a low probability for SDB or TMD

Based on your answers, you have a low probability for sleep-disordered breathing or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. You’re probably still wondering why you have trouble sleeping, though.

While you don’t show the typical symptoms of these conditions, Dr. Klauer can still help to find the source of your sleep-related issues. He takes the time to listen to each individual that walks through the doors of his practice. He prioritizes patients’ overall wellness and provides gentle, thoughtful treatment for TMJ problems and sleep disorders.

At your initial appointment, Dr. Klauer can check for common causes of sleeping problems and get an idea of your medical history and day-to-day concerns. He is passionate about helping patients find the root of their symptoms and finding a solution that can put a stop to them permanently. For more information about achieving the quality sleep you deserve, check out his book, Achieve Your Victory: Solutions For TMD And Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Klauer understands that temporary, band-aid fixes won’t help improve patients’ lives for the long-term. Quality sleep is essential to living a quality life. If you feel that you could be getting better sleep on a regular basis, call (574) 968-5166 or visit our website to make an appointment.

Acheive Your Victory

His goal for readers is the same as it is for his patients: improve the lives of those suffering from TMD/TMJ and sleep apnea-symptoms.

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